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Song of the day: Giorgio Moroder- Chase


Giorgio Moroder was the man behind the success of Donna Summer, especially for composing the music for I Feel Love. Because of this success, Alan Parker asked Giorgio Moroder to compose music for his movie Midnight Express. Moroder did so and made the piece Chase, which is an electronic instrumental music piece. It would be a number 33 hit in the US, and later, in a remixed version, even a number 1 in the club chart. Enjoy

Giorgio Moroder- Chase


Song of the day: Janis Ian- Fly Too High


A multitalent singer today! Not only does Janis Ian sing, entering the folk scene in the sixties while she still was a teenager, she also is a columnist, a science fiction writer, songwriter and musician! She had lots of success with the song At Seventeen, but I go for a song from 1979. It was produced by Giorgio Moroder (the famous disco producer!) and was added to the soundtrack of the movie Foxes. She got a grammy nomination for it and it would be a hit in a lot of countries, like the Netherlands and Australia. Enjoy

Janis Ian- Fly Too High

Song of the day: Blondie- Call Me


In 1980, a single came out. Well, more singles came out, but this particular one did come out then too. In the Billboard chart it became a number one and in the rest of the world it was a massive hit, too. One of the writers of the music was Giorgio Moroder, who firstly asked Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), but she refused. Then Moroder turned to Blondie, who wrote the lyrics in a few hours and then recorded it. The rest is history. Enjoy

Blondie- Call Me