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Song of the day: Gavin DeGraw- Chariot

chariot gavindegraw

In 2005, Gavin DeGraw released a song which was on an album he released two years earlier. It expresses the feeling Gavin DeGraw had when he moved from the countryside to New York. According to DeGraw, the Chariot is the place where you can relax. In the UK the song was no hit, reaching number 112. In the US it did number 30 and in the Netherlands number 12. Enjoy

Gavin DeGraw- Chariot

Song of the day: Gavin DeGraw- Best I Ever Had


Okay, after Christmas (although it’s Boxing Day) some more best of 2013! Let’s go on with a song which makes me happy. It is up-tempo, has a good text and I really like the song! Enjoy:

Gavin DeGraw- Best I Ever Had