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Song of the day: Joe Jackson- Is She Really Going Out With Him


This song was Joe Jackson’s first single ever! He released it in 1978 as the first single of the album Look Sharp! The song would hit the charts in 1979, when the album was released. Joe Jackson said he first heard the title, and then started thinking about the content with the pretty girls who meet monsters. Later live versions would also be hits, and often you hear the live version on the radio rather than the studio version. Enjoy

Joe Jackson- Is She Really Going Out With Him?


Song of the day: John Travolta- Greased Lightening

Hi there,

More soundtracks are on their way!

I have just bought some albums, including one with (almost) all titlesongs of James Bond.
However, the soundtrack of today is a song in a movie which I find very funny.

The song can be found in Grease, it’s John Travolta with Greased Lightening!

Tomorrow more soundtracks!

P.S. Sorry for the late publishing. I thought I published it, but it still was a draft…

Song of the day: Cliff Richard & the Young Ones- Living Doll

Hello everyone,

Today’s song of the day is some kind of cover!
Actually, it’s a cover for charity, together with the artist who made the original.
You don’t understand? I will explain, after I said about which song we are talking.

We’re talking about Cliff Richard and the Young Ones, who made the single Living Doll.
The single was made for charity, as said, and was a cover.
The original was made by Cliff Richard only, but I think this cover is a lot more funny. I absolutely love it, and I think you have to hear this song 20 times to hear all the jokes.

Tomorrow a new song…

Song of the day: Men At Work- Down Under

Hello everyone,

After the unofficial clip from yesterday, I’ve got a quite funny clip for you!

Which song? Down Under from Men at Work!

Especially note the koalabear in the first minute!
I hope you find it funny as well!I find the VW-bus in the beginning also nice, because I like these busses!

Greetings and tomorrow a new song!