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FlinterFile: The Specials- Ghost Town

the specials ghost town

In 1981, the Specials had a very big hit with their song Ghost Town. Jerry Dammers, the keyboard player of the band, wrote the song. He saw Coventry, the town where he grew up, decline and saw the start of quite some social unrest. Together with things they saw on tour, as shops closing down in Liverpool, it was the inspiration for the song. All together it took a year to write it, and Jerry asked the members to record the song as he prescribed. It was not a bad idea, since it made a number 1 hit in the UK charts. However, shortly before the song got that status, three members left to form the Fun Boy Three… Enjoy

The Specials- Ghost Town

Song of the day: Bananarama & Fun Boy Three- It Ain’t What You Do

bananarama it ain't what you do

Wow! Do you remember Bananarama? I firstly only knew the cover of Venus, which is actually bad if you compare it with the original of Shocking Blue. However, between some singles which came out of the box with singles, there was this very single with Fun Boy Three. So what do you do? Put the needle on the record, and start listening to it! And it was a catchy song!
The melody rolled out very nicely, so I decided it could be a song of the day! For today, enjoy

Bananarama & The Fun Boy Three- It Ain’t What You Do