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Song of the day: Hanson- Mmmbop


When I was looking for some information on this song, I saw the date of release: April 15, 1997. Just one day before I was born! Actually I was thinking it was from the early nineties, but that turned out to be the complete different side. The message is something which mostly gets lost with singing along with the MMMBop, etc…

So what do they want to say? Friendships come and go in a MMMBop, so in a short time. Hold on to friendships! That’s basically the message. And there’s more: they made a whole list of albums, but I only know them from this song, as one-hit wonders. Again, I’m wrong. Again? Yes, I had the same with Akcent. But let’s keep to this song. Enjoy:

Hanson- MMMBop