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FlinterFile: Jodie Abacus- I’ll Be That Friend


In 2015, Jodie Abacus made his debut on the pop scene. He wrote this song after he had a lung infection. In the time he had this infection, there was a friend who was always ready to help him. It gave him such a good feeling, that he wrote a song about it. It did not yet his the charts, but it’s only been around for some weeks now, so there is still time! Enjoy

Jodie Abacus- I’ll Be That Friend


Song of the day: Jack Johnson- Sitting, Waiting, Wishing


In 2005, Jack Johnson released one of the songs from his album In Between Dreams. The song was inspired by the persuit of a friend, who wanted to get a woman. Unfortunately, all energy that he put into it, was useless. Jack Johnson hoped to cheer up his friend with this song. In the US, the song number 66, in the UK it came one place higher, number 65. Enjoy

Jack Johnson- Sitting, Waiting, Wishing