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Song of the day: Godley & Creme- An Englishman In New York


In 1979, Godley & Creme released An Englishman In New York. It was a single from their album Freeze Frame, and was mostly a hit in the Netherlands and Belgium, where it peaked at number 4. Godley & Creme originally were members of 10CC, but decided to quit the band and move on together. The song was famous for its music video, and both have been directing music videos more than scoring hits. They directed videos for Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Duran Duran and many others. Enjoy

Godley & Creme- An Englishman In New York

Song of the day: Grace Jones- Slave To The Rhythm

grace jones slave to the rhythm

Sometimes songs have strange ways of going… Slave To The Rhythm was intended to go to Frankie Goes To Hollywood as follow-up of their hit Relax. However, it ended up with Grace Jones, and I think that’s not a shame. I actually can’t imagine Slave To The Rhythm being sung by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. That’s mainly because of the voice of Grace Jones. She has such a good voice! It’s a bit mysterious, you can say… and that what makes this song song of the day. Because it’s such a mystical song. Enjoy

Grace Jones- Slave To The Rhythm

Song of the day: Frankie Goes To Hollywood- Relax


Above an album cover from Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the album Welcome To The Pleasuredome.
I don’t own the album, but thanks to Wikipedia I know which songs are on the album. And between all those songs are some of my personal favourites.
And no, it is not the title song, it is not Two Tribes (which is a very good song too), and it isn’t The Power Of Love either.
I will tell you in a moment. They released several 12-inch singles (those long singles, which go on for 8,9 minutes! I love them!), and one of them had a B-side with a cover of Ferry Crossed The Mersey, which was originally sung by Gerry and the Pacemakers. It’s A-side is the song of the day, namely Relax!
And this song had some great merchandising, and one of those T-shirts is shown below: