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Song of the day: Deep Purple- Smoke On The Water

On the fourth of December 1971, there was a fire in a casino in Montreux. Read the rest of this entry


Song of the day: Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson- A Real Mother For Ya

johnny guitar watson a real mother for ya

Number 41 in the US, number 44 in the UK. Johnny Watson was around for a long time, in the fifties he was a vocalist, pianist and guitarist, and he created a special sound with his style of playing a guitar. He was a guest on a Frank Zappa album in the seventies, and at the end of the seventies he changed his style. This song is one of these songs that fit in his changed style: he was now a funk artist. Enjoy

Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson- A Real Mother For Ya

Song of the day: UK- Rendezvous 6:02


A superband from the seventies today! Not because they had lots of members, but because they all were famous from other bands. The band was formed by John Wetton and Bill Bruford (both from King Crimson). Bruford has also played a short time in Yes and as extra drummer by Genesis. Eddie Jobson was another member, he was known from Roxy Music. After the first album, Bruford quit the band. He was replaced by Terry Bozzio, who was a friend of Jobson when he played by Frank Zappa. Those three made the album Danger Money, of which the song of the day probably is the best known, though it never was a hit. Enjoy

U.K.- Rendezvous 6:02

Song of the day: Swing Out Sister- You On My Mind


A song which makes me happy! On the edge of the eighties, in 1989, this song was released. It was the lead single of the second album by Swing Out Sister, Kaleidoscope World. The band has existed since 1985 and they already had had success with the song Breakout. For the second album, Martin Jackson left the band, who later worked for Frank Zappa. Swing Out Sister then had two members, namely Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell. Enjoy

Swing Out Sister- You On My Mind