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FlinterFile: Joan Baez- The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down


In 1971, Joan Baez covered a song which was originally recorded by the Band. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Bobby Bare- 500 Miles Away From Home


In 1963, Bobby Bare recorded an old folk song. It was popular again, because at the start of the 1960s, folk was popular again in the United States. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Peter, Paul & Mary- Where Have All The Flowers Gone


In 1962, Peter, Paul & Mary released their debut album, which alone would be at the top of the charts for five weeks. The album included a cover of Where Have All The Flowers Gone, originally recorded and written by Pete Seeger. He started writing the song in 1955, after seeing a note in his notebook, and published it in a magazine. Joe Hickerson wrote the rest of the verses in 1960, which made the circle of the lyrics round. Since then, a lot of artists have recorded the song. Enjoy

Peter, Paul & Mary- Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Song of the day: Kingston Trio- Tom Dooley


Again a number 1 hit in the US charts, and this one is an old murderballad! The story of Tom Dooley was based on the murder of Laura Foster in 1866. Her lover and fiancé, Tom Dula, was convicted for this murder. He had to hang for this murder, as is sung in the song. Thomas C. Land, a poet, wrote a poem about it and that’s how it ended up in the folk scene. Here, several recordings were made, but none were more successful than the version of the Kingston Trio. Enjoy

The Kingston Trio- Tom Dooley

Song of the day: Janis Ian- Fly Too High


A multitalent singer today! Not only does Janis Ian sing, entering the folk scene in the sixties while she still was a teenager, she also is a columnist, a science fiction writer, songwriter and musician! She had lots of success with the song At Seventeen, but I go for a song from 1979. It was produced by Giorgio Moroder (the famous disco producer!) and was added to the soundtrack of the movie Foxes. She got a grammy nomination for it and it would be a hit in a lot of countries, like the Netherlands and Australia. Enjoy

Janis Ian- Fly Too High

Song of the day: Mumford & Sons- Thistle & Weeds


What a good album this is! I was listening to it one of the last days, and I must say: it does not get boring. Sometimes the songs are powerful, while other songs are smaller, more fragile. My absolute favourite was not one of the hits, but I think it’s the best of the album. So I want to introduce it to you.
Just listen to it and maybe write your comment:

Mumford & Sons- Thistle & Weeds

Song of the day: Ram Jam- Black Betty

Hey there,

Today the song is not too complicated. The song is originally an American folksong, but it became popular in a hardrock version.

I’m talking about Ram Jam with Black Betty!

Just sing along, whoa Black Betty, Bambalam!