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Song of the day: Charles D Lewis- Soca Dance


The origin of this song lays in 1989. A French TV-station supports the Lambada, which becomes a big summer hit and has a dance with it. The year after, so in 1990, they decide to try the same trick again. They search for a combination between a dance and exotic sounds. The final choice is made for this song. The song became a huge hit in France, charting at number one as the highest position, just like in Belgium. In Germany it reached number 10. Enjoy

Charles D. Lewis- Soca Dance


Song of the day: Loona- Bailando

Hi there,

I’ve got something Dutch and exotic for you! And you can dance on it very good…
One hint: The translation of the name in English is moon…

It’s Loona with Bailando, to get the summer feeling!

Have fun!