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FlinterFile: Jimmy Webb- P.F. Sloan


P.F. Sloan

In 1971, Jimmy Webb wrote a song for his fried P.F. Sloan. He had already written By The Time I Get To PhoenixMacArthur Park, and others. This, however, was the first song he sung. He took Fred Tackett, another friend, to help him with playing the music for the song. Although the album got good reviews, the album did not sell well.

P.F. Sloan, the man for whom the song is written, was the writer of Eve of Destruction. He played guitar for the Mamas and the Papas, composed several other songs, but never had a hit with his own recordings. He thought it was the music industry, who isolated him for having such a strong text in Eve of Destruction. Probably he was just a better composer.

P.F. Sloan passed away on Sunday night, 15 November. He was 70 years old.


Jimmy Webb- P.F. Sloan

Song of the day: Barry McGuire- Eve Of Destruction


We’re on the half of 1965! And today, we’ve got a song with a nice story behind it. I’ve got to be a bit careful, since the story differs from time to time, but I will do my best. The song was recorded for a B-side, since the song was very critical towards the American government. It became popular when a radio station run out of singles to play, and chose a single to play the B-side. It was Eve of Destruction, and the telephone didn’t stop ringing. It were people who wanted to know which song it was. It became a hit, but there was no happy ending for Barry McGuire. Although the single was a success, his career had come to an end, since nobody wanted him anymore to make songs. The title became a line about his life. A hit and no success after that. Sad, but unfortunately true.

However, it’s a great song, especially about Vietnam:

Barry McGuire- Eve Of Destruction

(If the story is not completely accurate, I’m sorry. It was put together from various scraps of information, but I have no idea what’s true)