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FlinterFile: Electric Light Orchestra- All Over The World

The movie Xanadu was released in 1980. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: The Move- Blackberry Way


In 1968, The Move released Blackberry Way. Though this was the time of the British invasion in America, the Move have actually never had success in America. This song was influenced by Penny Lane, but its lyrics are darker, and the mood is more melancholic. The bridge in the song was very much inspired by the intro of a song by Harry Nilsson, Good Old Desk. At the time of this song, Roy Wood was the frontman, and Richard Tandy and Trevor Burton played on the song, too. Trever left soon after the song, and Jeff Lynne would soon join, causing (you could guess it) that the Move stopped in 1972 and went on with the name Electric Light Orchestra. The song would end up in the UK chart at number 1. Enjoy

The Move- Blackberry Way

Song of the day: Electric Light Orchestra- Don’t Bring Me Down


In 1979, the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) released their album Discovery. On this album, the last track was Don’t Bring Me Down. The song was written in a short time, since Jeff Lynne (the singer) thought there were not enough loud songs on the album. It made it to number 3 in the UK and number 4 in the US, what meant it was the greatest hit they had so far in the US. The song includes a slamming door at the end and an often misheard word: Grüß, which is often mistakenly heard as Bruce. Enjoy

ELO- Don’t Bring Me Down

Song of the day: Olivia Newton-John & the Electric Light Orchestra- Xanadu

Hi there,

Another soundtrack today! Earlier on, we had Grease as soundtrack.
The woman who played the main character in this song sings the soundtrack of today, together with a band.

Yes, it’s Olivia Newton-John together with the Electric Light Orchestra singing Xanadu from the movie with the same name.

Tomorrow more soundtracks!

Song of the day: Electric Light Orchestra- Mr. Blue Sky

Hello again,

A new song of the day is waiting for you!

It’s a happy song, made by an orchestra. It was written on a mountain, it was foggy for the whole week, and all of a sudden the sun comes through!
The song was remastered in 2012, but I still like the old version better.

It’s ELO (electric light orchestra) with Mr. Blue Sky.

Get happy!