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Song of the day: East Side Beat- Ride Like The Wind


Oh dear! It’s Saturday again! That means putting on your dancing clothes and start dancing to the record I selected. Today, I’ve got a cover for you. It was written and recorded by Christopher Cross in 1980. This version went up in the American chart, but was kept from the first spot by Blondie’s Call Me. This meant it stuck to a second place. The single was dedicated to Lowell George, who died in 1979. The song itself is about a Mexican man, running to the border. He is sentenced to dead, and if he doesn’t run that fast, he will die. A kind of Western, where the bad guy is trying to survive… The song was picked up by some Italians in 1991, who made a typical nineties dance version of the song. Once more it went up in the charts, but it didn’t reach the highest position. Get dancing to

East Side Beat- Ride Like The Wind