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FlinterFile: Normaal- Deurdonderen

Normaal is a Dutch band who sing in the dialect of the Achterhoek. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Het Simplisties Verbond- Zoek Jezelf

Van Kooten en de Bie were a duo who made a lot of different programmes for television, in which they discussed the news playing a lot of different characters. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Margriet Eshuijs Band- Black Pearl


Margriet Eshuijs is a Dutch singer who started in the band Lucifer. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Robby Valentine- Over And Over Again


Robby Valentine is a Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Powerplay- I Am Falling


The band Powerplay was a Dutch band with some success in the eighties. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Het Goede Doel- Alles Geprobeerd


In 1986, the Dutch band Het Goede Doel had a hit with the song Alles Geprobeerd. It was only number 25, but has become a classic song in the Dutch culture. The text is about someone who needs a break in his relationship.


Het Goede Doel- Alles Geprobeerd

I have not dared to say goodbye
Because saying goodbye is painful
I didn’t mean to really leave you
But wanted to be on my own
To think, research, refuel
And to discover if I still love you

FlinterFile: Alides Hidding- Hollywood Seven


In 1980, Alides Hidding had his first hit. The song was written by Harry Lloyd and Gloria Sklerov in 1976 for Terry Jacks, who just had the hit Seasons In The Sun. On the way home, Gloria Sklerov saw a motel called Hollywood Eight. With Harry Lloyd, they changed their title to sing it better. However, it never was recorded by Terry Jacks, but it ended by Jon English. Alides Hidding’s version was especially a Dutch hit, reaching number 25 in the charts. After this success, Hidding carried on with his band the Time Bandits, with which he had several hits. After that, he started writing hits for artists such as Dan Hartman and Jennifer Rush. Enjoy

Alides Hidding- Hollywood Seven

Song of the day: Dotan- Home

dotan home

In the Netherlands, Dotan came back in the hit charts this year. Though he is not known outside the Netherlands yet, I would like to share this song with you. It has got something magic over it, and is the hit of the year in the Netherlands. Listen and enjoy

Dotan- Home

Song of the day: Diesel- Sausolito Summernight

sausolito summer night

We make a little step to the eighties today, we’ll return to the seventies tomorrow. Why this step, you would ask. Well, it’s a song that tends to be forgotten. The band Diesel was a Dutch band, one of the few that had a hit in the US. They would start in 1978, when Pim Koopman, the former drummer of Kayak (I will probably feature them later), started a new band, which would be Diesel. Their album Watts in a Tank would be released in 1981 in the US, and that was the album where the song of the day was on. Sausolito Summernight would make it to number 25 in the US and even do number one in Canada! Enjoy

Diesel- Sausolito Summernight

Song of the day: TenTemPies- Quiero Saltar


This is some NEW summer music. And I like it since the first time I heard it. The band is, for as far as I know, based in the Netherlands. They have their new album coming up this year and it was the first single of the album. The title means “I want to jump”, and it certainly makes you want to jump. It makes me happy, and that’s why I wanted to feature it. Enjoy

TenTemPies- Quiero Saltar