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The answer of Duke

Remember that I had Duke’s So In Love With You as song of the day a while ago? He sent me an e-mail to tell that So In Love With You will be released again soon, as a remixed version.
Of course I like to hear something about new music as well, and especially mixes are always welcome! I tried to contact him, but my e-mails returned to sender, so I wrote a post. And yes, a reaction followed!

New material is coming soon, and you can hear something on the following links to Soundcloud: (the album Fixing Broken Pieces)

and (the remixes from So In Love With You + Lover Man)

I have already listened to some of the material, and it sounds great! I will keep you up-to-date about new material.

To Duke (So In Love With You)

It has been more than a month ago, 16 June 2013, when So In Love With You was the song of the day. And something happened which never has happened to me: the artist himself reacted!
Duke sent an e-mail to me to thank me for the song of the day and he announced that So In Love With You would be rereleased again soon. If I sent him an e-mail, he would sent the soundcloud address. I have tried to sent him different e-mails from different mail-accounts, but all seem to have vanished, since I have never heard anything of him again.

I therefore hope he reads this post, since I very much would like to have the link, to listen to it and also to publish it on this site! Please, Duke, if you read this: send another e-mail with the link, your mail-address seems unreachable for my mails!



Song of the day: Duke- So In Love With You

duke so in love with you

Relax a bit with these sunny, relaxed sounds of Duke. Or is it dance?
Coming from the nineties, this was his first single when he left a band called One Hand One Heart. It was a big dance hit, and it now is the song of the day!

Enjoy So In Love With You!

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