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FlinterFile: The Doors- L.A. Woman

The album L.A. Woman, the last Doors album with Jim Morrison, was released in 1971. Read the rest of this entry

Music documentary 1: About The Doors

I intend to give some attention to a music documentary here every week.
And I thought that it might be nice kicking off with a documentary about The Doors I saw some weeks ago. It is called When You’re Strange, and it told the story of the Doors quite good. I didn’t know a lot about the Doors before it, but I decided to fill this missing knowledge by watching the documentary. It is made good, with a lot of archive material, the voice of Johnny Depp telling the story of the Doors. There were some parts in between the archive material I didn’t see the use of, when a man who is riding his car, but that can be my fault…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to a website where the whole movie can be watched, so if you have it…

The documentary is worth watching if you don’t know a lot about the Doors, and I think fans who have not seen it yet might enjoy it as well.

Rating: ****

Song of the day: The Doors- Light My Fire

Hello everyone,

Today the song is made by some things which can open and close (cryptic, isn’t it?)
The want to make some light. (Nobody knows where I’m talking about)

It are the Doors with Light My Fire

Tomorrow another one, with another cryptic description!