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Song of the day: Incognito- Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing


Some songs can be placed in different categories. And to be honest: I never know where to place this song in. Definitely a summer song, yes. But what is it? Dance?
Who knows may answer the question. I always feel relaxed when hearing the song, and it has a good reason: it’s happy and the text tells you to have no stress. Just like “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, it tells to have no worries and just live your life. If that’s no relaxed message…

So today, think about:

Incognito- Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing


Song of the day: Bobby McFerrin- Don’t Worry Be Happy


I saw this song appearing on one of the blogs I follow, and thought: that’s  a nice summer song! Relaxed, sunny, reggae, a text which is not difficult at all, and you can whistle along!
All a man wants, isn’t it? Let’s make life not too complicated, it already is! So: Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 🙂

You still have some hours left to vote for the Summer Song of the Day Top 20, tomorrow: number 20! >>>>