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Song of the day: America- A Horse With No Name


Some songs are just absolutely brilliant! If there is one song with a brilliant songtext, this song makes a big chance. It’s a splendid example of a journey, made by someone with a horse in the desert. Not that there are many of them, but this one would be the best. The text is simply the best example of irony. Why would you need a horse WITH a name in the desert? Does it make more sense that he has a name?


America- A Horse With No Name


Song of the day: Midnight Oil- Beds Are Burning

Hey there,

I’m looking out of my window and guess what? Yes, it’s snowing again.
Although it is snowing, I will not put in a summer song. I really want something more like rock.
And I have found some record which I came across in December last year, but which is really great.

Let me introduce you: Midnight Oil with Beds Are Burning.

The song is a protestsong, and its goal was to give land back to the Pintupi, Aboriginals in Australia who used to travel around in the desert.

Well, with this song, at least I can stand the snow some better. Tomorrow a new song!