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Song of the day: Toploader- Dancing In The Moonlight

Hello everyone,

We will continue dancing today. Imagine… it is night, and you are dancing. The moon shines…
You already know, don’t you?

Toploader with Dancing In The Moonlight.

And that was a week dancing! Maybe we continue on Saturday, but I have to see what I can find…

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Song of the day: David Bowie & Mick Jagger- Dancing In The Street

Hello everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day. We will go on with dancing, but not on the ceiling…
Let’s go outside, onto the streets.

We’ll be dancing with Mick Jagger and David Bowie, with Dancing In The Street.

Tomorrow we will continue dancing!

Song of the day: Snap!- Rhythm Is A Dancer

Hello there,

Here’s the new song of the day!

The song of the day can be defined as dance track from the nineties. It was a German group with hits in mostly the first part of the nineties.

Of course it’s Snap! with Rhythm Is A Dancer.

Tomorrow we will go on with dancing, somewhere else than in the discotheque…