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Song of the day: Handsome Poets- Sky On Fire

Hello everyone,

When I opened up my mailbox this morning, I was stunned by all the likes for the post of yesterday.
It seems like the Handsome Poets can go abroad as well, or at least that they can make it abroad.

Therefore, the new song of the day is a single which has had great success in the Netherlands in the summer, because of the use in a tv-programme during the Olympic Games.
The new song of the day is called Sky on Fire, once more by the Handsome Poets.

I would like to ask you if you could like this post, if you like the Handsome Poets as well.
It also will be the song of the week, which will be published tomorrow.


Also check out their website.

Song of the day: Handsome Poets- Dance (The War Is Over)

Hello everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day:

Today it’s a song by a group which have had a big success last summer with their new single in the Netherlands, but who aren’t known that much outside the Netherlands.
The song of the day is one of the older singles of them, from a few years ago.

It are the Handsome Poets with Dance (The War Is Over).

I think they are really good, and are going to make it a lot further, and maybe abroad, too…
I really hope so!