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Song of the day: Thelma Houston- Don’t Leave Me This Way


In 1976, Thelma Houston released a cover of Don’t Leave Me This Way. The original song was recorded in 1975 by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes as an album track. However, it did reach the charts in the US, number 3 on the disco chart. Motown had thought of Diana Ross covering the song, but eventually gave it to Thelma Houston. It made it to number 1 in the US soul, club and normal chart. In the UK, it made it to number 13. In the eighties, the Communards also recorded the song, reaching number 1 in the UK. Enjoy

Thelma Houston- Don’t Leave Me This Way


Song of the day: Bronski Beat- Smalltown Boy

bronski beat smalltown boy

Yeah, I’m a bit embarrassed… not because of the song, no, it’s very good. Great music, nice beat too, and a great voice singing it. That’s the cause of my embarrassement: the voice. I’ve always thought it was a woman singing the song, just like the music of the Communards. But the DJ on the radio was saying it’s a man! How could I have misheard such a thing? Probably because the man is singing really high, and since I can produce nothing but a bass, every man has to be in the range of Barry White. I think it’s something like that. However, it’s a great eighties song from the debute album of Bronski Beat, about homophobia, a problem which still exists. Enjoy

Bronski Beat- Smalltown Boy

Song of the day: Communards- Never Can Say Goodbye

the-communards never can say goodbye

For the ones who read my blog over a longer time, it may not be a surprise that this eighties dance classic is here. For the ones who don’t know a lot about my music taste: I like a lot, but dance and disco music are two big favourites! The Communards are one of those bands which I like a lot, because they make such good disco music! I was quite surprised when I was reading that it was a cover of a Jackson 5 song. They made quite nice music, too, but maybe that’s for later. Today we enjoy

The Communards- Never Can Say Goodbye