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Song of the day: Enya- Orinoco Flow

Hello to everybody,

Today the song of the day is a relaxed song. That is because I’m quite relaxed, too.
The song of the day is beautiful, and the video that goes with this song is beautiful, too.
The song is about a river, which is around the 1000 kilometers long!

I will now release which song is the song of the day: Orinoco Flow, made by Enya.

I absolutely love this song, and I hope you do, too.

Tomorrow another song!



Song of the day: Nik Kershaw- The Riddle

Hello everyone,

Today it’s a bit of a puzzle which song is the song of the day…
But I will just say it! Nik Kershaw with The Riddle.
And if he gets out of the house he’s in, I leave it up to you…

(You have to watch the video to get that one)

Song of the day: Paul McCartney- We All Stand Together

Hello everyone,

After the frog from Roger Glover yesterday, I had a visit from some more frogs. They came together with Rupert the Bear, to tell me that their song should be song of the day.
Well, because of this question, and because it’s a good song, here’s:
Paul McCartney with We All Stand Together!

Of course, Paul didn’t do it alone. No, not with the Beatles, but together with the Frog Chorus!
Well, Christmas is creeping closer and closer…
Tomorrow a new song!

Song of the day: Roger Glover & Guests- Love Is All

Hello everyone,

Here’s another song of the day. It’s not a Christmas song, with which I start tomorrow!
Firstly, a clip with a frog who is singing the song.

No, I have not gone mad, I’m talking about Roger Glover and Guests, with Love is all.
It was one of the first drawn clips, and later Paul McCartney did it, too, with his song We all stand together.

That was it for today, and tomorrow a new song!

Song of the day: MC Hammer- U Can’t Touch This

Hello everyone,

Today I’ve got special dance moves for you! And that in a clip from the nineties.
Together with a nice song, it makes MC Hammer with U Can’t Touch This.

I’ve not got a lot to say about him or this song, so this is it for today!
(I will find some information, but I’ve got to look it up)

Song of the day: Queen- I Want To Break Free

Hello everyone,

Today a clip from a very famous band. Their lead singer is dead, and the band is still active, but not as good as with their lead singer.
Mostly that’s the case with passing away of group members. And this person can’t be replaced…

I’m talking about Freddie Mercury, with his band Queen. The song of today is I Want To Break Free.This clip is absolutely genious, because it represents the song. You see the members of Queen as women, playing in something like Coronation Street.
Then there’s a part with ballet in between, which is also very nice to see.

Most persons think it was the idea of Freddie Mercury to do the clip where all members are dressed up as women, but the idea actually came from Roger Taylor (That’s the story…)

I hope you like the song (and the clip), tomorrow I’ve got something else for you!

Song of the day: Sinéad O’Connor- Nothing Compares 2 U

Hello everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day!

Today’s song is a beautiful song with a simple clip, but very touching.
The song was written by Prince. And Prince didn’t like the fact that this song was sung by Sinéad O’Connor.
That changed when Prince saw all the money from the royalties! It became a big hit.

The song which became a hit is called Nothing Compares 2 U, and today it’s the song of the day!

Tomorrow a song which is from the nineties! And it was a big hit back then, and it has something to do with classic music…

“Classic music, bleh! Who likes that?”
“You don’t know how many persons enjoy classic music! So shut up!”

Song(s) of the day: BYentl- X-Mas Miracle / Staygold- Wallpaper

Hello everyone,

Here are two new songs, because it’s friday!!!
That makes two new songs with a nice clip.

The first has a crazy clip with Santa Claus. Yes, it’s a Christmas song.
The first part is in black and white, and the second part is in colour. In the first part, Santa is reading a whole list of things the singer wants, and in the second part, he rides away on a motor bike.
You don’t get it? Watch the clip by this lovely song, called X-Mas Miracle. It’s sung by BYentl.

The second song of today is some older.
When I first heard this song, I thought: This can’t be a hit. It’s too strange.
But I think that’s the part which makes it a hit. It sounds quite good after some time, and it has a strange clip!
I’m talking about Staygold with Wallpaper.

The song of the week is X-Mas Miracle, by BYentl. Just to get in the mood!

“I can’t believe a Christmas song has won from a wallpaper! You can’t put it against the wall, it totally has no function!”
“But do you have this Christmas tree already? If not, you have to expect a X-Mas Miracle!”

Song of the day: Sting- Englishman In New York

Hello everyone,

Here’s the song for today, with another nice clip!

The song of today has a simple clip, but a very good song.

And the fact that the clip is simple, makes the music better. And with this music, the clip is good as well.
What do we see? A band playing the song, and a man walking in the streets of New York.

This man is Sting, and he is, just like the song predicts, an Englishman in New York.

And I love this song. When I hear this saxophone, I want to listen to the whole song, no matter what.
Tomorrow two songs, and I have some good ones for you!!

You know, I sometimes feel like an Englishman in New York, too.”“That’s strange! You aren’t even English!”

Song of the day: Genesis- Jesus He Knows Me

Hello everybody!!!

Here’s another song of the day, with a nice clip!
The song is made by Genesis, a music group which is active since the sixties, and it was active until 2010.
And… wait! In Genesis, there was an artist we already know! Peter Gabriel, from the stopmotion video of Sledgehammer!
That’s nice, isn’t it?

Well, tomorrow.. Oh wait! I forgot the song! The song of the day is Jesus He Knows Me.
It’s one of the later songs of Genesis, from 1992.

Tomorrow a new song, and since the weather is so bad, it’s going to rain!

“Huh?? What does he mean?”
“How am I supposed to know that? He’s so cryptic, I mostly don’t know what song is the song of the day!”

Song of the day: Guns ‘N Roses- November Rain

Hello everyone,

I’ve got another song for you, with a clip!!!
It’s one of the best songs ever made, according to me and many others.
The clip lasts nearly 10 minutes…

Where am I talking about??? About November Rain by Guns n’ Roses!

Have lots of fun with the song, tomorrow a new song!

Song of the day: Men At Work- Down Under

Hello everyone,

After the unofficial clip from yesterday, I’ve got a quite funny clip for you!

Which song? Down Under from Men at Work!

Especially note the koalabear in the first minute!
I hope you find it funny as well!I find the VW-bus in the beginning also nice, because I like these busses!

Greetings and tomorrow a new song!

Song of the day: Michael Jackson- Thriller


In December, it’s all about the clips and movies with the songs.
One of the best movies by a song ever, and probably one of the longest, is the mini-movie of Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Michael was the first black artist to be shown on MTV, because MTV couldn’t avoid the clips of Michael, which are all pearls.

Have a lot of fun with it!