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When classical music met pop music…

When the classical composers like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and others wrote their compositions, they probably did not think about pop music. In fact, their music seems to be quite different from the modern pop music. Two worlds that will never meet? Well, not exactly… Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Ekseption- The Fifth


In 1969, Ekseption (Dutch band with Dutch spelling) decided to change their music style. They first had been playing quite some jazz, R&B and rock ‘n roll, but after seeing the English band the Nice they decided to make a mix of classical music and rock. The first hit that they made in this new style was The 5th, which was a different take on the fifth symphony from Beethoven. The song made it to the third place in the charts. Enjoy

Ekseption- The Fifth

Song of the day: Valensia- Gaia


Oh, how good do I remember the first time hearing this song. It was on a nineties compilation CD I bought, and then I thought: wow, what a good song! A bit of classical music, mixed with the music of the nineties: that’s basically what Gaia is. And I must say, after hearing it again on the radio, it sounds even better! What an amazing song, and everytime I hear it, it grabs me by the throat and I know: this is it. This is music. Enjoy:

Valensia- Gaia