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Song of the day: Slade- Merry Christmas Everybody


The day before Christmas, and that means: let’s put in the song that brought the most money this year to this band. And let’s face it: it’s a very good Christmas song. Something different than all those sweet songs. A bit of rock. Enjoy:

Slade- Merry Christmas Everybody

Song of the day: Wham!- Last Christmas

Hello everyone,

Here’s the song of the day! And what a day! This evening it is Christmas eve, and tomorrow it’s Christmas!
Well, a good oppertunity to put in a Christmas song.

Maybe it’s one of the most popular Christmas songs, but still a good one.
It’s Wham! with Last Christmas.

Tomorrow it’s Christmas, and maybe I’ll do something special…


Song of the day: Roger Glover & Guests- Love Is All

Hello everyone,

Here’s another song of the day. It’s not a Christmas song, with which I start tomorrow!
Firstly, a clip with a frog who is singing the song.

No, I have not gone mad, I’m talking about Roger Glover and Guests, with Love is all.
It was one of the first drawn clips, and later Paul McCartney did it, too, with his song We all stand together.

That was it for today, and tomorrow a new song!

Song(s) of the day: BYentl- X-Mas Miracle / Staygold- Wallpaper

Hello everyone,

Here are two new songs, because it’s friday!!!
That makes two new songs with a nice clip.

The first has a crazy clip with Santa Claus. Yes, it’s a Christmas song.
The first part is in black and white, and the second part is in colour. In the first part, Santa is reading a whole list of things the singer wants, and in the second part, he rides away on a motor bike.
You don’t get it? Watch the clip by this lovely song, called X-Mas Miracle. It’s sung by BYentl.

The second song of today is some older.
When I first heard this song, I thought: This can’t be a hit. It’s too strange.
But I think that’s the part which makes it a hit. It sounds quite good after some time, and it has a strange clip!
I’m talking about Staygold with Wallpaper.

The song of the week is X-Mas Miracle, by BYentl. Just to get in the mood!

“I can’t believe a Christmas song has won from a wallpaper! You can’t put it against the wall, it totally has no function!”
“But do you have this Christmas tree already? If not, you have to expect a X-Mas Miracle!”