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Song of the day: The Andrew Sisters & Bing Crosby- Jingle Bells

andrews sisters christmas

I must confess something what you probably don’t know yet: I’m quite a fan of the Andrews Sisters. It started some time ago (quite some years, actually) with a Christmas-CD of the Andrews Sisters (see above). This CD is played every year, and that’s how it grew. One of the best songs on the CD is one together with Bing Crosby (no white Christmas, so not that song). Enjoy your Christmas and

Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters- Jingle Bells


Song of the day: Earth, Wind & Fire- Let’s Groove

earth wind fire let's groove

The last weeks I’m listening to all the cd’s I’ve got, since I have not listened to the bigger part of them. This partly because of sales, in which I’ve bought a lot. One of the CD’s was the Best of Earth, Wind & Fire. Of course I knew some of the songs, because I would not buy it if I didn’t know them! One of the best songs of the CD is the song of the day. Actually this is disco at its best! So for today, enjoy:

Earth, Wind & Fire- Let’s Groove

Spotify and artists: an excellent article!

Returned from my short holiday, I saw a lot of new posts in my reader. One of the new posts was written on my favourite blog (Every Record Tells A Story).
It’s about the question if Spotify pays the artists a fair amount of royalties…

Just read it here, and look around on the blog!

Song of the day: Roger Sanchez- Another Chance


Oh yeah! Some songs you hear, forget a while, then you hear them again, and every time you think: I should buy it on CD. And then you forget it again.
It’s actually my story with this song… but now it’s on a list of songs which I want on CD.
Why do I want it? Firstly, it’s a great dance track. Secondly, it makes me happy, thirdly: the tune sticks in my mind and keeps playing for one day…

And it sounds sunny, so reason enough for Roger Sanchez to be song of the day! Enjoy Another Chance (the long version, because I can’t get enough!!

And vote for the Summer Song of the Day Top 20>>>>

Song of the day: Black Eyed Peas- Don’t Lie

black eyed peas monkey business

Yes, this is a cd I bought last week… it has some hits on it!
One of my favourites is the song of the day, and it really is energetic.

I like it! Don’t Lie!

Song of the day: Kane- Come Together / Caro Emerald- A Night Like This

Hello everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day, or better: the two songs of the day, because it’s superfriday!
The two new songs of the day are made by Dutch persons, and I like them!

Well, the first one is made by Kane, a group from The Hague. It’s their new song, which is quite popular in the Netherlands at the moment.
I hope you enjoy it!
Kane with Come Together.

The song of the day, and from now on the new song of the week is a song which is already old in the Netherlands…
The song is in the Netherlands already known from 2009 on! But, since she’s going abroad, in a successful way, I thought: Let’s make it the song of the week.
I’m talking about Caro Emerald with A Night Like This.
I think that Caro Emerald is really good, and I would say: Buy her CD, Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor, listen to it, and I know that you like the complete CD!
I do, in each case.

Tomorrow a new song!