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Song of the day: David Garrick- Dear Mrs. Applebee


David Garrick, born Philip Core, started singing in the church choir of Liverpool. After that, he went to Italy to learn about singing opera, where he was interested in. After two years he went back to Liverpool, where he was singing opera parts in the Cavern Club. Robert Wace, who also was the manager of the Kinks, invited him to record a single. Though his first singles were unsuccessful, he had some airplay with the song Lady Jane. In 1966 he also recorded an American song which is not very famous. The first version of this song was sung by Flip Cartridge. In Germany he hit number one with this song, in the Netherlands and Belgium number 3, and in the UK number 22. Later work never hit the charts, and David Garrick died on 23 August 2013. Enjoy

David Garrick- Dear Mrs. Applebee