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Song(s) of the day: Caro Emerald- Tangled Up / The Lumineers- Ho Hey!

Ho hey there,

Today we’ve got 2 new songs!

The first song has a title which is simular to the first two words of this post.
You might know Mumford and Sons, and if you like them, you might like this group as well.
If you don’t like them, you probably won’t like this song as well…
It are The Lumineers with Ho Hey!

And then there’s a new song of the woman which I find very good…
She’s Dutch, and she has had one song of the day before.
It’s the new song of Caro Emerald, which is named: Tangled Up
I absolutely like this new song!

Song of the day: Kane- Come Together / Caro Emerald- A Night Like This

Hello everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day, or better: the two songs of the day, because it’s superfriday!
The two new songs of the day are made by Dutch persons, and I like them!

Well, the first one is made by Kane, a group from The Hague. It’s their new song, which is quite popular in the Netherlands at the moment.
I hope you enjoy it!
Kane with Come Together.

The song of the day, and from now on the new song of the week is a song which is already old in the Netherlands…
The song is in the Netherlands already known from 2009 on! But, since she’s going abroad, in a successful way, I thought: Let’s make it the song of the week.
I’m talking about Caro Emerald with A Night Like This.
I think that Caro Emerald is really good, and I would say: Buy her CD, Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor, listen to it, and I know that you like the complete CD!
I do, in each case.

Tomorrow a new song!