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Song of the day: Iggy Pop- Candy


In 1990, Iggy Pop recorded a duet with Kate Pierson (the B-52’s). In the song, Iggy looks back at an old relationship with a woman, Betsy. Kate brought in the perspective of the woman, who misses him as well. The idea of the song worked out well, making it to number 7 in the Netherlands. In the US, it made it to number 28. Enjoy

Iggy Pop- Candy


Song of the day: Adele- Skyfall / Robbie Williams- Candy

Hello everyone!

Today it’s Superfriday, with two songs!
Both are kind of new, and are already my favourites.

The first song is Candy from Robbie Williams.
This is a song which is rising very fast in the hitcharts, and now it’s the song of the week!

“Hey ho here she goes
Either a little too high or a little too low
Got no self-esteem and vertigo
Cause she thinks she’s made of candy”

The second song is Skyfall from Adele.
This song is also rising in the hitcharts, and it’s just a classic Bond-song. It gives some people even the feeling of Shirley Bassey!

“We will stand tall or face it all together
At skyfall”

Well, that were they for today.