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Song of the day: Boy Meets Girl- Waiting For A Star To Fall

boy meets girl waiting for a star to fall

In the end of the eighties, when the nineties were lurking around the corner, a song became a hit. Nothing new, because more songs become hits, the end of the eighties is no exception to that. This song was inspired by a falling star (actually a meteorite, if I understood it all correctly), which was seen at a concert by Whitney Houston. The song was written and handed to someone for Whitney to record it. She refused. Then it was offered to Belinda Carlisle, who recorded it and hated it. In 1988, the writers decided to do it themselves, which was not a bad decision. It went up in the charts to the highest positions. Later, the Cabin Crew took the song and remixed it, making another big hit out of it. Enjoy

Boy Meets Girl- Waiting For A Star To Fall