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Song(s) of the day: BYentl- X-Mas Miracle / Staygold- Wallpaper

Hello everyone,

Here are two new songs, because it’s friday!!!
That makes two new songs with a nice clip.

The first has a crazy clip with Santa Claus. Yes, it’s a Christmas song.
The first part is in black and white, and the second part is in colour. In the first part, Santa is reading a whole list of things the singer wants, and in the second part, he rides away on a motor bike.
You don’t get it? Watch the clip by this lovely song, called X-Mas Miracle. It’s sung by BYentl.

The second song of today is some older.
When I first heard this song, I thought: This can’t be a hit. It’s too strange.
But I think that’s the part which makes it a hit. It sounds quite good after some time, and it has a strange clip!
I’m talking about Staygold with Wallpaper.

The song of the week is X-Mas Miracle, by BYentl. Just to get in the mood!

“I can’t believe a Christmas song has won from a wallpaper! You can’t put it against the wall, it totally has no function!”
“But do you have this Christmas tree already? If not, you have to expect a X-Mas Miracle!”