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FlinterFile: Bonnie Tyler- Lost In France

This was the first hit Bonnie Tyler had. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Bonnie Tyler- It’s A Heartache


In 1978, Bonnie Tyler would release her new studio album, Natural Force. Of course it needed a single, which was It’s A Heartache. On this single, some say she sounded like Rod Stewart. At least it was popular, and with sales over six million singles, it made number 3 in the US, number 4 in the UK and it got to the list of best selling singles ever. Enjoy

Bonnie Tyler- It’s A Heartache

Song of the day: Nicki French- Total Eclipse Of The Heart


Some more dance today, and it sounds sunny, too.
It is a cover, made in the nineties (1995) by Nicki French. It is a cover of the woman who went to the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK this year, Bonnie Tyler.
The summer song of the day is Total Eclipse Of The Heart!

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