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Song of the day: Five Americans- Western Union


In 1967, the Five Americans had their biggest hit. They started as a band on the university, playing songs of Bo Diddley, and later songs from the Beatles. When playing in a venue, they were heard by the president from a record label, who offered them a deal. They recorded several songs, of which some charted. When the guitarist, Mike Rabon, was playing with his guitar, he invented a new kind of sound, sounding like a telegraph. This inspired them for their biggest hit, which charted on number 5 in the US. Enjoy

The Five Americans- Western Union


Song of the day: Muddy Waters- Mannish Boy


For the origins of this song, we have to go back to the song Hoochie Coochie Man, which was written by Willie Dixon and sung by Muddy Waters. The song got a reply by Bo Diddley, called I’m Your Man. Both the first and the second song got the melody line which was used in Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters. No need explaining that this song was a reply to the song by Diddley. The song was recorded in 1955, and reached number 5 in the R&B chart of the US. Enjoy

Muddy Waters- Mannish Boy