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FlinterFile: Billy Joel- Goodnight Saigon

Billy Joel wrote a political song in 1983. Read the rest of this entry


Song of the day: Razorlight- America

razorlight america

In 2006, Johnny Borrell and Andy Burrows wrote the song America. They got an idea from a Billy Joel record with a drumbeat, and Johnny Borrell wanted to have a song with some sort of a drumbeat like that song. Since they were in America, the song idea was inspired by that. It would chart at number 1 in the UK, and strangely enough, it didn’t reach the charts in the US… Enjoy

Razorlight- America

Song of the day: Billy Joel- Honesty


In 1978, Billy Joel released his fifth studio album 52nd Street. From this album, the song Honesty was the third single. It is said to be one of the earlier power ballads, and the theme is the lack of honesty, even in the best relationships. Phil Ramone produced the song, and it ended on number 24 in the US and even number 1 in France! Enjoy

Billy Joel- Honesty

Song of the day: Billy Joel- We Didn’t Start The Fire

Hi there,

Today a song which is made out of all small scraps without a connection.
However, it’s a good song, made by a singer who has made a lot of good songs.
He sang Uptown Girl, but also New York State Of Mind and many other songs…

It’s Billy Joel with We Didn’t Start The Fire!

Tommorow another song!