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FlinterFile: Bette Midler- The Rose

The best songs are often written in a few minutes. Just like this song, which only needed 10 minutes to be written. Read the rest of this entry


Song of the day: Percy Sledge- When A Man Loves A Woman

percy sledge when a man loves a woman

In 1966, a song hit the American chart on number one! It was written by Calvin Lewis and Andrew Wright, and recorded by Percy Sledge. In the UK, it originally peaked on number four, and even on number two in 1987, when it was released again because of a commercial. Since the recording of Percy Sledge, it has been covered by numerous groups, like the Spencer Davies Group, Bette Midler and Michael Bolton. Today we enjoy the original

Percy Sledge- When A Man Loves A Woman

Song of the day: Owen Paul- My Favourite Waste Of Time


This song has been around since 1982, but we have to thank Owen Paul, otherwise we wouldn’t have known it. Starting off as a B-Side, the song did not have a lot of chances to become a hit. The song was then recorded as A-Side by Bette Midler, but the success stayed out. And then Owen Paul came around. In 1986 the song came in the hit charts and went up, to a third place in the UK! And now it’s Song of the Day, so enjoy

Owen Paul- My Favourite Waste Of Time