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Song of the day: Phil Collins- Sussudio


Of course there are lots of good albums, and a lot of good artists which can be in this place. Therefore, I have enough material.
If you have a request, fill in the contact form, then I can consider that artist to have a song of the day!

Well, this is an album by Phil Collins, and it is called No Jacket Required. It’s in my eyes on of his better albums, and it certainly contains one of my favourite songs!
In this song, he seems to be stummering, but it’s just part of the song. Which one would that be?
Of course, it’s Sussudio!

Song of the day: Duffy- Mercy


This is really a good album. I almost can say that I like every single track on the album, and maybe I just have to say that.
However, there are always songs which are better than others on an album, even if you like all of them.
It’s that way on Rockferry as well. The title track Rockferry is very good, but also the singles of the album… And one of them is song of the day.
I heard this song a few times when the album had just been released, but I didn’t know who sung it. So it was a complete surprise to come across the song later on and then I kept remembering the artist: Duffy!
The song which I had “lost” for a while was Mercy, maybe one of the best songs made by Duffy.
Enjoy! (And if you have some money left, and you are near a record store, consider buying the album if you don’t have it)