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Song of the day: The Lumineers- Ho Hey


Okay, really the last one! The Best of 2013 Song of the day series will be ended with this very good song! Tomorrow there will be a BIG surprise for you, but firstly The Lumineers. Some say they are in the same genre as Mumford & Sons, and in a way it’s true, but it’s a little bit different to me. It’s a fresh, new sound, and I hope they will make a lot of new and good records in 2014! Enjoy:

The Lumineers- Ho Hey

Song of the day: Klingande- Jubel


Some songs make you happy. And some songs bring a feeling to you. In this time of snow and winter, we need some summer, was my idea. And yes, this song is happy, summer, sort of dance, it’s good! Enjoy:

Klingande- Jubel

Song of the day: John Legend- Made To Love


I was sort of surprised to hear the new single by John Legend. He made a lot of good music, but this song was a bit shocking. I never expected such a powerful, almost electric song from him. But, after hearing it a few times, the song became better and better and better. So good, that I thought: let’s make it song of the day. Of course I want you to enjoy:

John Legend- Made To Love

Song of the day: Michel Cleis- Hey Lady Luck


Yes, it was a very good year for dance music! This song has to be included in the list of “Dance 2013”. It makes me think of that old deep house, which was slower than normal house. However, let’s stick to the safe dance genre. Enjoy:

Michel Cleis- Hey Lady Luck

Song of the day: Gavin DeGraw- Best I Ever Had


Okay, after Christmas (although it’s Boxing Day) some more best of 2013! Let’s go on with a song which makes me happy. It is up-tempo, has a good text and I really like the song! Enjoy:

Gavin DeGraw- Best I Ever Had

Song of the day: Eelke Kleijn- Ein Tag Am Strand

eelke kleijn

More dance music in the style of Bakermat (earlier song of the day). This song brings back the summer, and it’s nice to hear, because it’s great dance music. Instrumental, but it gives the right impression: a day on the beach! Enjoy:

Eelke Kleijn- Ein Tag Am Strand

Song of the day: Cris Cab- Liar Liar


Maybe it’s because the first name, Cris, looks a lot like Chris. Maybe, but not entirely. It’s mostly because the music is good and very nice to listen to. I would say: enjoy:

Cris Cab- Liar Liar

Song of the day: Stromae- Papaoutai


Yes, this is a French song. Quite strange for someone who doesn’t like the French language at all! But okay, since the DJ translated it and told where it was about, I began to understand it. It’s about a lost father (Where are you, daddy?). His first hit (2010, time flies!) was a lot easier, but as you can see: development in texts! Enjoy:

Stromae- Papaoutai

Song of the day: Imagine Dragons- On Top Of The World


What a good year it was for new bands! And in particular this band is one of my favourites: we want more, I would say. What a nice song it was this year, used in a commercial, I believe… So for today, enjoy:

Imagine Dragons- On Top Of The World

Song of the day: Anna Kendrick- When I’m Gone


There was a big trend this year: it was called something like the cup-song. I got absolutely nervous by it, since everyone seemed to be doing it. And then the Rubic’s Cube returned (eighties, yeah!). But okay, this cup song originated from a good song, which is very good (apart from that horrible cups thing). Enjoy:

Anna Kendrick- Cups (When I’m Gone