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Song of the day: Tracy Chapman- Fast Car

tracy chapman fast car

Most of the people I know, who heard this song for the first time, say it’s a man singing. I now know better: it’s a woman. And it’s a beautiful song, although the lyrics are a bit different. It’s about poverty over several generations… It starts with the singer, who is the daughter of a mother, who divorces from her alcoholic husband. After a lot of problems at home, she leaves town and starts to work in the city. However, her life takes the same road as her mothers life: her husband is alcoholic too, and the story starts all over again. And yes, she too tells her husband to leave. Listen to this beautiful song from 1988:

Tracy Chapman- Fast Car


Song of the day: Plain White T’s- Hey There Delilah


A beautiful song. Beautiful in all its simplicity. Beautiful because of the story that’s been told. Beautiful as a complete song. And a hit in 2007. Enjoy

Plain White T’s- Hey There Delilah

Song of the day: Arcade Fire- The Suburbs


This was a request from June, but since we did summerhits then, I wanted to wait a little with it. Okay, better later than not, of course, so today is the day.
I actually forgot how it sounded, so I looked for it again, and I knew immediately why it was a possible song: because it is such a beautiful song. I can’t find the words to describe it, so maybe you should just listen for yourself to this song:

Arcade Fire- The Suburbs

Song of the day: Mika- Relax (Take It Easy)

mika life in cartoon motion

This is maybe one of the most beautiful covers in my album collection. Colourful and with a good eye for detail.
And if you look into the booklet, you will see that the drawings inside the booklet (which are beautiful, too) come back on the cover too.
As an example: Under the title at the right, you see a little girl. This girl has to do with the song Lollipop.

And there were some big hits on this album: Not only Lollipop, also Grace Kelly, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), and the song of the day.
Which song might that be?

It’s one of my favourites, although the whole cd is good: Relax (Take It Easy)

Song of the day: Enya- Orinoco Flow

Hello to everybody,

Today the song of the day is a relaxed song. That is because I’m quite relaxed, too.
The song of the day is beautiful, and the video that goes with this song is beautiful, too.
The song is about a river, which is around the 1000 kilometers long!

I will now release which song is the song of the day: Orinoco Flow, made by Enya.

I absolutely love this song, and I hope you do, too.

Tomorrow another song!


Song of the day: Peter Gabriel- Sledgehammer

Hello everyone,

Today’s song of the day is a good song, but even better is the music video with it. It’s made with the stop-motion technique, which creates a very special effect.

It’s the best known stop-motion video, it’s Peter Gabriel with Sledgehammer!

I like this song very much, but admire the video. I think it’s better than having some almost naked girls dancing around: It’s just not original!

This is, and I hope we’ll see more of these original and beautiful video’s the coming years, because I’m tired of all those almost naked girls.

Tomorrow a new song!