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Song of the day: Barry McGuire- Eve Of Destruction


We’re on the half of 1965! And today, we’ve got a song with a nice story behind it. I’ve got to be a bit careful, since the story differs from time to time, but I will do my best. The song was recorded for a B-side, since the song was very critical towards the American government. It became popular when a radio station run out of singles to play, and chose a single to play the B-side. It was Eve of Destruction, and the telephone didn’t stop ringing. It were people who wanted to know which song it was. It became a hit, but there was no happy ending for Barry McGuire. Although the single was a success, his career had come to an end, since nobody wanted him anymore to make songs. The title became a line about his life. A hit and no success after that. Sad, but unfortunately true.

However, it’s a great song, especially about Vietnam:

Barry McGuire- Eve Of Destruction

(If the story is not completely accurate, I’m sorry. It was put together from various scraps of information, but I have no idea what’s true)