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Song of the day: Enrique Iglesias- Bailamos

enrique iglesias bailamos

Sometimes not only father is a singer, but his children follow him. An example are Frank and Nancy Sinatra, but another example can be Julio and Enrique Iglesias. And I have to confess: I’m not a big fan of Julio Iglesias. But what I don’t have with his father, I have it with his son: Enrique Iglesias is one of my favourite artists! He makes such nice, up-tempo songs and it really makes me feel good if I hear something by Enrique Iglesias!

The song of the day is made by Enrique Iglesias, and it was his debute single. It was an enormous summer hit in the late nineties, and it meant the start of his career. Enjoy

Enrique Iglesias- Bailamos