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Song of the day: Ironhorse- Sweet Louise

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The band Ironhorse only had one hit, and it was not even a big one. The band was formed by Randy Bachman, who was a member of Bachman Turner Overdrive, and he was the band together with Tom Sparks, Chris Leighton and Ron Foos. They made the song Sweet Louise, which was a minor hit in the US, peaking at number 36. In the UK the song made it to 60, in Canada to 26. They released two albums before they turned into another group, with a new member (for the ones who want to know: Fred Turner, who was in Bachman Turner Overdrive), namely Union. A nice detail is that Randy Bachman wants to get Ironhorse together again and touring, since he wants to release the two albums on CD! Enjoy

Ironhorse- Sweet Louise

Song of the day: Bachman Turner Overdrive- You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

bachman turner overdrive you ain't seen nothing yet

Only hits the last days. This song, released in 1974, is just the same. It went up in the American charts till it couldn’t go further, meaning that it was a number one song! And yes, of course, most of it sounds like songs from the Who, though this was (in most cases) not the intention (I wouldn’t know). It started off as an instrumental track, the lyrics came up very easy and the band used the song to get the studio ready. That was till the day they missed a hit-single. They recorded it and the rest is history. Enjoy

Bachman Turner Overdrive- You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet