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FlinterFile: Aretha Franklin- Look Into Your Heart


In 1976, the movie Sparkle was released. Irene Cara starred in the movie, in which music played an important role. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile- The Band- The Weight

the band the weight

In 1968, the Band (previously the backup band of Bob Dylan) released The Weight, a rock classic. It’s the story of a man who visits Nazareth (Pennsylvania), and has to visit some friends from his friend Annie. He feels this as a weight on his shoulders. Robbie Robertson got the credit for the song, and says that he was inspired by surrealistic movies in which the good people do bad things. However, the other members of the band also claim to have co-written. The people in the song are for instance all friends from the Band. They were not sure about the song, but other people liked it. And so the song became a number 63 hit in the US and number 21 in the UK. Aretha Franklin had the biggest success with the song: she charted at number 19. However, it inspired others: the band Nazareth got their name from the song. Enjoy

The Band- The Weight

Song of the day: Oleta Adams- Window Of Hope


What an amazing song this is! I know that the first time I heard it, I was like: wow! What a voice. She’s a bit like Aretha Franklin, who has a great voice too, but at the same time she’s a great deal different. Just enjoy this amazing good song:

Oleta Adams- Window of Hope (and no, the building is not on fire, as someone said to me whilst watching the video)

Song of the day: George Michael- Father Figure

George Michael - Father Figure - Front

One of the best songs this man made, according to me! Next to Freedom ’90, I Knew You Were Waiting For Me (with Aretha Franklin) and other songs. Wham! was a project with this man, which was very succesful, too. I have featured Wham! already, but not the soloworks of Georger Michael, so I would say: enjoy

George Michael- Father Figure

Song of the day: Aretha Franklin- Respect


Since 1952 active, still active, and hits in the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and the zeroes.
There are not a lot of people who can say that. Aretha Franklin can.

She had a lot of hits, and a lot of them are on this 2cd collection. And there is another nice detail: She also appeared on the soundtrack of the Blues Brothers, a few days ago. That song was called Think, an really good song!

However, it’s not the song of the day. And a lot of other hits are not song of the day either: there’s one song lucky.

And that is Respect! Respect for this woman, who enriched the music a lot!