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Song of the day: Amy Winehouse- Rehab


In 2006, Amy Winehouse released her second album. From that album, Back To Black, Rehab was the first single. The song is autobiographical, since Amy Winehouse refused to go in rehab when her management wanted her to. The song was produced by Mark Ronson, and when Amy told this story, she said: “I was like, pfff… no no no.” Mark Ronson found a lot of things in her story to use in the song, and so they recorded the song. In the UK it made it to number 7 and in the US to number 9. Enjoy

Amy Winehouse- Rehab


Song of the day: Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk!

uptown funk

A few weeks ago, Mark Ronson (famous from the remix of Valerie by Amy Winehouse) and Bruno Mars released their new single. The song is the single of Mark Ronson’s new album, which will be released next year. It was an instant hit: number 1 in the UK, number 3 in the US. The song sounds like the good disco from the seventies/eighties, and is very danceable! Enjoy and dance to

Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk

Song of the day: Amy Winehouse- Valerie


Yes, I would like to post a picture of the album which features the song of the day. Unfortunately, I don’t know yet!

Do you remember my small problem? If not, read that post firstly…

In this post, I discussed a version of Valerie which I couldn’t find on the albums of Amy herself. Therefore, I asked you on which album the radioversion of this song was.
If you know, please leave a comment, that would be fantastic!

So, the song of the day is Valerie, the radioversion.