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FlinterFile: Alice Cooper- Halo Of Flies

In 1971, Alice Cooper and band released the album Killer. Read the rest of this entry


Song of the day: Alice Cooper- Elected


When the United States are going to elect a new president, it’s mostly big news. And every American civilian can become president. Probably this was the motivation for Alice Cooper to give it a try with a song and a video. Elected was a single from their sixth studio album, and the first to reach the general US chart on number 26. In the UK it would reach number 4! The song was a new rewritten version from Reflected (1969). Later the song was covered by Mr. Bean in 1992. Enjoy

Alice Cooper- Elected!

Song of the day: Alice Cooper- School’s Out

Hello everyone,

Did you survive Christmas? Well, I still have one day to go! In the Netherlands, we actually have two days of Christmas.

Well, since we all are fed up with the Christmas songs, I have got something else for you.
I thought: Maybe it’s nice to put some power in!

Well, here’s your song of the day: With some power is here Alice Cooper, in the Muppet Show, with School’s Out.

Tomorrow a new song!