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Song of the day: A-Ha- The Sun Always Shines On TV


In 1985, A-Ha had established their career with their debut album, of which Take On Me was the second single and a big hit. They released The Sun Always Shines On TV as the follow-up, but the recording did not go smoothly. Though the secretary thought it was a big hit, they were sick when recording it, having two members lying on beds in the studio. In the UK it became number 1, in the US number 20. Enjoy

A-Ha- The Sun Always Shines On TV


Song of the day: A-Ha- Take On Me

Hello everyone,

The new song of the day! The theme of this month: special music videos!

The first one to be song of the day is a-ha. The clip of Take On Me is partly drawn with over 6000 drawings!
Furthermore, there is a part with the real a-ha.
I was stunned when I saw the clip, so I hope you like it, too!

Tomorrow a song around the fall of the wall in Berlin!