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FlinterFile: Jeff Lynne’s ELO- When I Was A Boy


In 2015, Jeff Lynne’s ELO made a comeback on the music scene with an oldfashioned good ELO record. The single, When I Was A Boy, was inspired by the history of Jeff Lynne: as he was a boy, he listened to a radio under his bed, and got interested in music. In the video, we can see his whole life passing by, from the fifties to the ELO-spaceship to the Traveling Wilburys and further… Enjoy

Jeff Lynne’s ELO- When I Was A Boy

FlinterFile: Lost Frequencies- Are You With Me


In 2015, the Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies had a hit with a remix. The original song dates back to 2012, when Easton Corbin recorded the song as a country song. However, that’s not what it was after Lost Frequencies was done with it: he used the music and refrain of the song, made it a lot faster and put the whole thing together as a deep house song. Not a bad idea, since the song made it to number 1 in the UK (and it was the shortest number 1, as it topped the charts in the week the publishing of the charts changed from Sunday to Friday…). Enjoy

Lost Frequencies- Are You With Me

R.I.P. 2015

Not only are we saying goodbye to the old year, but also to all those great musicians who have left us. In this (by far not complete) list of persons we lost this year, we stop to remember them and their contribution to music. It would not have been the same without them.


Rod McKuen

The first month of the year saw two great singers pass away. On the 25th of January, the Greek singer Demis Roussos passed away on the age of 68. He was the singer of Aphrodite’s Child, famous for songs like Rain & Tears, and later solo with songs like My Friend The Wind. A few days later, on the 29th, Rod McKuen passed away. He probably is better remembered for his poems, but in 1973, he had a hit with the protest song Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes. He was 81 years old.

lesley gore

Lesley Gore

February saw the passing away of the singer of Visage, Steve Strange. He was singer on the famous single Fade To Grey, and passed away at the age of 55 on the 12th of February. Four days later, on the 16th of February, Lesley Gore passed away. She will be remembered for singing hits like You Don’t Own Me and It’s My Party. Lesley was 68 years old. The end of February, the 25th to be exact, Chris Rainbow died. Though he had two solo songs, he will be best remembered for his vocals on several records of the Alan Parsons Project, including Don’t Answer Me.


Mike Porcaro

On the 15th of March, the bass player of Toto, Mike Porcaro, died. He started with playing the cello on Good For You (Toto IV), but played the bass on the albums that followed. He was 59 years old.


B.B. King

In April and May, several legends passed away. Starting with Percy Sledge, who died on the 14th of April. Of course everyone will remember him for the number 1 hit When A Man Loves A Woman. He was 74 years old. On the 30th of April, Ben E. King passed away at the age of 76. His song Stand By Me returned to the charts quite some times, even making it to number 1 in 1987 in the UK. Errol Brown, the singer of Hot Chocolate, passed away on the 6th of May. He was the singer on hits like Everyone’s A Winner, Emma and You Sexy Thing. He was 71 years old. The 14th of May saw the passing away of the big blues singer B.B. King. Not only a great singer, but also a great guitarist, who left us an impressive catalogue of songs. One of the songs we will remember him for is The Thrill Is Gone. B.B. King was 89 years old.

lynn anderson

Lynn Anderson

Chris Squire, the bassist and one of the founders of Yes, passed away on the 27th of June. The most people will remember his bass play from the song Owner Of A Lonely Heart, but it can be heard on most of the albums by Yes. He was 67 years old. On the 30th of July, the singer Lynn Anderson died. She had a big hit with (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden, which was number 1 in quite some countries. She also was 67 years old. The guitarist of REO Speedwagon, Gary Richrath, died on the 13th of September. He played the lead guitar, wrote songs, took the vocals on some songs, and helped with the production of the albums. He was 65 years old.

jim diamond

Jim Diamond

Jim Diamond, the singer of Ph.D., died this year on the 8th of October. Famous for the vocals on I Won’t Let You Down, the only big hit Ph.D. had, he was quite successful. He was 64 years old. In the end of October, on the 28th, Diane Charlemagne died. She is mostly famous in the electronic music, where she was the lead singer of the Urban Cookie Collective (famous for their hit The Key The Secret). She was only 51 years old.


Andy White

The last two months of the year saw the passing away of some great musicians. On the 9th of November, Andy White passed away on the age of 85. He was a session drummer, most famous for playing the drums on Love Me Do by the Beatles. Two days later, on the 11th, another drummer passed away. Phil Taylor was the drummer of Motörhead, famous for their song Ace of Spades. He was 61 years old. On the 15th, P.F. Sloan passed away. He was the writer of quite some songs, including Eve Of Destruction, which became a number 1 hit for Barry McGuire. He was 70 years old. And then, on the 27th of December, Stevie Wright died. He was the singer of the Easybeats, who had a hit with Friday On My Mind. He was 68 years old. The 28th of December saw Lemmy Kilmister, the singer of Motörhead, pass away. This also meant the end of Motörhead, which had earlier lost its drummer. Lemmy was 70 years old. The same day saw the death of houseproducer Guru Josh, who was particularly famous for his hit Infinity. He only was 51 years old…


Holly Woodlawn

Not only musicians died, there were also some important figures who were important for music that died. On the 8th of January, the owner of the Cavern Club in the years of the Mersey Beat died. Ray McFall, the man who told the Beatles to smarten up, died on the age of 88.
Holly Woodlawn, a transgender actress, died on the 6th of December at the age of 69. She is most famous for the song Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed, for whom she was the inspiration to write the song. Yes, she was the he that became a she.

Well, that was 2015. Let us remember those artists by never forgetting their music.

FlinterFile: Years & Years- King

years & years king

In 2015, a band called Years & Years popped up. With an intoxicating song called King, written by the singer Olly Alexander, they went up in the charts. The song itself is about a relationship, which can be very addicting, and about the decline of a relationship, where you would want the other to end it. As it was written from his experiences, it was very close to him. However, there’s no pain to be heard in the song: it’s uptempo and, as said, very intoxicating. No wonder it made number 1 in the UK! Enjoy

Years & Years- King

FlinterFile: Kygo featuring Parson James- Stole The Show

kygo stole the show

In 2015, Kygo, a Norwegian DJ, had a hit with Stole The Show. After some remixes (for example of Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire) it was time to make a song of his own, now with singer Parson James. In the UK, it was a number 24 hit, and in the US dance chart it made number 11! Enjoy

Kygo featuring Parson James- Stole The Show

FlinterFile: Anna Of The North- The Dreamer

anna of the north the dreamer

In 2015, Anna Lotterud (better known as Anna Of The North) made her debut with the single Sway. And as that was in summer, there had to be a winter song, too. She managed to make such a song, fitting December perfectly, and without doing a lot, it got a million Spotify plays in no-time! A perfect song to play this Christmas, and mind you: it’s probably not the last we’ve heard of her! Enjoy

Anna Of The North- The Dreamer

FlinterFile: Alvaro Soler- El Mismo Sol


In 2015, Alvaro Soler claimed the summer hit of the year. He was inspired by his own past, which was spend in quite some countries: when he was 10 years old, he moved from Spain to Barcelone, lived seven years there, going to a German school, and then he returned to Spain. He released an album with a band he established, and then decided to go solo and went to Germany. The song was inspired by the fact that diversity on his school was not a bad thing: it was a lot of fun. In Italy it was a number 1 hit, and there is another version with Jennifer Lopez around for the US market. Enjoy

Alvaro Soler- El Mismo Sol

FlinterFile: Jodie Abacus- I’ll Be That Friend


In 2015, Jodie Abacus made his debut on the pop scene. He wrote this song after he had a lung infection. In the time he had this infection, there was a friend who was always ready to help him. It gave him such a good feeling, that he wrote a song about it. It did not yet his the charts, but it’s only been around for some weeks now, so there is still time! Enjoy

Jodie Abacus- I’ll Be That Friend

FlinterFile- Jonathan Jeremiah- Rosario

jonathan jeremiah rosario

In 2015, Jonathan Jeremiah released his second solo-album, Oh Desire. After his first hits in 2010, he went around the world, and now he has come home to record his second album. With his band he went to the Konk Studio, which is owned by Ray Davies (from the Kinks) and developed his country/soul/jazz sound more. That he succeeded, is clear if you listen to

Jonathan Jeremiah- Rosario

FlinterFile: Ben Liebrand- Dancer


In 2015, Ben Liebrand released his new album Iconic Groove, 25 years after his first album, Styles. One of the iconic grooves that is on the album, is the groove of the song Dancer. The song was originally played by Gino Soccio, who started his career in the disco playing keyboards on an album for producer Pat Deserio. For Soccio, it was the only hit (number 1 in the US disco chart) before disappearing in 1982. That’s one of the reasons Ben Liebrand also made a Where’s Gino Soccio mix of the song. Enjoy

Ben Liebrand- Dancer