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Song of the day: Mr. Probz- Waves


Last year (2013), we had a massive hit in the Netherlands. A new artist stood up and made an incredible good record. He is Dutch and he made some records already, all had no success. But last year he had this song, which is just good. Enjoy

Mr. Probz- Waves


Song of the day: The Lumineers- Ho Hey


Okay, really the last one! The Best of 2013 Song of the day series will be ended with this very good song! Tomorrow there will be a BIG surprise for you, but firstly The Lumineers. Some say they are in the same genre as Mumford & Sons, and in a way it’s true, but it’s a little bit different to me. It’s a fresh, new sound, and I hope they will make a lot of new and good records in 2014! Enjoy:

The Lumineers- Ho Hey

Song of the day: Klingande- Jubel


Some songs make you happy. And some songs bring a feeling to you. In this time of snow and winter, we need some summer, was my idea. And yes, this song is happy, summer, sort of dance, it’s good! Enjoy:

Klingande- Jubel

Song of the day: John Legend- Made To Love


I was sort of surprised to hear the new single by John Legend. He made a lot of good music, but this song was a bit shocking. I never expected such a powerful, almost electric song from him. But, after hearing it a few times, the song became better and better and better. So good, that I thought: let’s make it song of the day. Of course I want you to enjoy:

John Legend- Made To Love

Song of the day: Michel Cleis- Hey Lady Luck


Yes, it was a very good year for dance music! This song has to be included in the list of “Dance 2013”. It makes me think of that old deep house, which was slower than normal house. However, let’s stick to the safe dance genre. Enjoy:

Michel Cleis- Hey Lady Luck

Song of the day: Gavin DeGraw- Best I Ever Had


Okay, after Christmas (although it’s Boxing Day) some more best of 2013! Let’s go on with a song which makes me happy. It is up-tempo, has a good text and I really like the song! Enjoy:

Gavin DeGraw- Best I Ever Had

Song of the day: Eelke Kleijn- Ein Tag Am Strand

eelke kleijn

More dance music in the style of Bakermat (earlier song of the day). This song brings back the summer, and it’s nice to hear, because it’s great dance music. Instrumental, but it gives the right impression: a day on the beach! Enjoy:

Eelke Kleijn- Ein Tag Am Strand

Song of the day: Cris Cab- Liar Liar


Maybe it’s because the first name, Cris, looks a lot like Chris. Maybe, but not entirely. It’s mostly because the music is good and very nice to listen to. I would say: enjoy:

Cris Cab- Liar Liar

Song of the day: Stromae- Papaoutai


Yes, this is a French song. Quite strange for someone who doesn’t like the French language at all! But okay, since the DJ translated it and told where it was about, I began to understand it. It’s about a lost father (Where are you, daddy?). His first hit (2010, time flies!) was a lot easier, but as you can see: development in texts! Enjoy:

Stromae- Papaoutai

Song of the day: Imagine Dragons- On Top Of The World


What a good year it was for new bands! And in particular this band is one of my favourites: we want more, I would say. What a nice song it was this year, used in a commercial, I believe… So for today, enjoy:

Imagine Dragons- On Top Of The World

Song of the day: Anna Kendrick- When I’m Gone


There was a big trend this year: it was called something like the cup-song. I got absolutely nervous by it, since everyone seemed to be doing it. And then the Rubic’s Cube returned (eighties, yeah!). But okay, this cup song originated from a good song, which is very good (apart from that horrible cups thing). Enjoy:

Anna Kendrick- Cups (When I’m Gone

Song of the day: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Can’t Hold Us

can't hold us

One of the new findings of 2013 is a new rapper. His first big hit was Thrift Shop, which was nice in the text, but not totally up my alley. Their second hit, however, was a good one! It stayed in my head for a couple of days, but the balance between singing and rapping was just right, and although I don’t quite like rapping, this was a very good song! Enjoy:

Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis- Can’t Hold Us

Song of the day: Bastille- Pompeii


Great dance music was made this year! And I made a great trip with school to Rome. And that’s why this song is featured. Since we didn’t only go to Rome, but we made a trip to Pompeii, too. And that’s why I want to feature this song by Bastille, which was a big hit this year. Enjoy:

Bastille- Pompeii

Song of the day: Maria Mena- I Always Liked That


Yes, she’s back! I still remember her old hit, which is GREAT (All This Time). It just sends shivers down my spine. And so does her new hit! I heard her this summer live on the radio, where she performed some new songs and that old classic. Enjoy today:

Maria Mena- I Always Liked That

Song of the day: Kings Of Leon- Wait For Me

kol wait for me

Some bands keep coming back (of course they were never away). This year was the year with the return of several artists, and also the Kings Of Leon showed they were still there, by releasing a new album. The album, Mechanical Bull, had some good songs on it, and one of them is song of the day. It’s my favourite of the album, so enjoy:

Kings Of Leon- Wait For Me

Song of the day: John Newman- Love Me Again


I saw him live on the TV this year. New artist, heard it a few times on the radio, sounded good, and then I saw him. My first thought was: the voice doesn’t fit the appearance. I forgot about TV, listened to the radio and decided this song was very good. I never thought about the image again, and just enjoyed the sound. Enjoy:

John Newman- Love Me Again

Song of the day: Rasmus Faber- We Laugh We Dance We Cry

rasmus faber

Yes, more good dance music on the way! A great beat, good lyrics and power is all united in this song. That’s how we come through these dark, cold and snowy months (great feature: falling snow! Then it doesn’t have to snow outside! 🙂 ) So enjoy:

Rasmus Faber- We Laugh We Dance We Cry

Song of the day: Pharrell Williams- Happy

pharrell williams

This man doesn’t need an introduction anymore. Maybe he needed one last year, now he’s famous. I mean, he had the best year an artist can get. From almost nothing to everything. It started with cooperating with Robin Thicke (Blurred Lines), then he got to do a song with Daft Punk AND Nile Rodgers (Get Lucky), and then he had a major hit with the soundtrack of an animation movie. Enjoy:

Pharrell Williams- Happy

Song of the day: Katy Perry- Roar

roar katy perry

The first time I was listening to this song, I had a feeling like: who is this? It didn’t sound familiar, but it did sound good. And of course there was a little joke in it: I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a nice pinter to Survivor, who had a big hit with Eye of the Tiger (made for a movie, what was it again? Rambo? Oh no, Rocky!) So today, enjoy:

Katy Perry- Roar

Song of the day: Chris Malinchak- So Good To Me

chris malinchak so good to me

When I was looking what music was good for today, I came to the conclusion that there was a lot of dancemusic produced this year! Of course I will feature some other music too, but for today there’s another dance song! Enjoy:

Chris Malinchak- So Good To Me

Song of the day: Avicii & Aloe Blacc- Wake Me Up


On our journey through 2013, we find one of the big hits in the summer. It was a production of one of the best DJ’s in the world, namely Avicii. He had the vocals done by someone I will feature later, namely Aloe Blacc. Together they prooved to be a golden combination, since they went to number one and stayed there for weeks! And of course, it’s one of the best dance songs from past year. Enjoy:

Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc- Wake Me Up!

Song of the day: Capital Cities- Safe And Sound


And then there was Capital Cities, a new band. And I must say: I thought Led Zeppelin had returned to the hit parades. You might know why: the zeppelin on the cover was quite a trick. However, the song is not quite like the Led Zeppelin work. It’s strange, I can’t get a hold on it: what genre it is, I have no idea. That it sounds good is a fact, so today the song of the day is:

Capital Cities- Safe And Sound

Song of the day: Ellie Goulding- Burn


I must say we’ve heard quite some new artists and sounds this year. Of course we’ve heard about things we never heard about (we’ll come to that later…). One of those artists we’ve heard about this year is Ellie Goulding. Suddenly she was there with this big hit, which of course is a very good song. Enjoy:

Ellie Goulding- Burn

Song of the day: Lorde- Royals

lorde royals

Let’s start this month (Best of 2013) with one of the songs I think was amazing. Firstly, I thought: strange song, don’t know what to think about it. But the voice of Lorde was so fragile, that I thought that it could become something. And yes, I must amit: it’s a big hit now. I hope we’ll hear a lot more from this artist in the coming years! Enjoy:

Lorde- Royals

Song of the day: Abba- Happy New Year

Happy new year!

Finally, it’s a new year, 2013!
And I thought: Let’s put on a song which brings my message: ABBA with Happy New Year!

Well, I will watch some more fireworks, and then off to bed! And we’ll see later about the rest of the songs!

Song of the day: Mark & Clark Band- Worn Down Piano

The last song for this year!

But, don’t fear, in 2013 are there very many other songs waiting.

I want to close this year with a song which I like so much! It’s absolutely one of the best songs ever made!

Which one? Worn down piano from the Mark & Clark band. It starts and it ends beautiful, and the part in between is fabulous!
Enjoy the 8 minutes and 10 seconds, and the story about the piano which nobody wants to buy, but which everyone wants if someone plays it!

I hope to welcome you back in the new year, in 2013!

Song of the day: The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony

Christmas is coming near, just like 2013, and the end of the world…
But that last thing is nonsense!

Okay, first the song of the day. I said something with classic music, right?
What do you think of the Verve? Yes, with a Bittersweet Symphony!

Yes, I understand. It’s not really classic music. But the thing I was pointing out is the symphony. That’s classic music, isn’t it?
Okay, and it isn’t entirely about the clip. Actually about the song, because it’s such a good song!

Well, tomorrow a new song. And then it is about the clip!