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Song of the day: 3 Doors Down- Here Without You


In 2002, 3 Doors Down released one of their biggest hits. Brad Arnold wrote the song because his wife (now ex-wife) was gone for a while. It is about the loneliness when someone is gone, and the peace you have when you dream of that person. Therefore the song became the anthem for troops in Iraq. In the US it was a number 5 hit, in the UK it made it to number 77… Enjoy

3 Doors Down- Here Without You


Song of the day: Tim Deluxe- It Just Won’t Do

tim deluxe it just won't do

Today, we’ve got a song from 2002. It was made by a British house producer, Tim Deluxe. Somewhere in my memories I know the melody of the song, though I have not heard it after finding it via via on the internet. Probably a song that was played a lot when I was six… but it surely makes me happy! Enjoy

Tim Deluxe- It Just Won’t Do

Song of the day: Vanessa Carlton- A Thousand Miles


Some zeroes before we start the musical summer. It was released in 2002 and it became the breakthrough for Vanessa Carlton. The original title for the song, however, was not A Thousand Miles, but Interlude. Glad that it was changed, because who would know the song with such a title? I very much like the song, since it’s a great piano song, it has a nice orchestra playing, and it just fits. Enjoy

Vanessa Carlton- A Thousand Miles

Song of the day: Sophie Ellis Bextor- Murder On The Dancefloor


Someone quickly call the cops! There has been a murder! Just one of the jokes I would make if I would announce this record. Not that I’m announcing, since I don’t work for the radio. I sometimes think about how it would be, but I guess I will never work there. However, I do listen to records, and that’s how I know this is a fantastic record from 2002. It’s, unlike the subject, very happy. Enjoy

Sophie Ellis Bextor- Murder On The Dancefloor

Song of the day: Las Ketchup- The Ketchup Song (Asereje)

las ketchup ketchup song

Let’s talk about the Sugarhill Gang with their big disco hit Rapper’s Delight. And now you think: Chris has definitely lost his mind. But no. I have not lost my mind. I just want to talk about a few lines in this song:

I said a hip, hop, the hippie
to the hip-hip-hop, a you don’t stop
the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat
Those lyrics have to do with the song of the day. These are the famous words in the chorus of the Ketchup Song. The chorus is the Spanish translation of those lines above, making it:
Aserejé ja de jé de jebe
tu de jebere sebiunouva
majabi an de bugui
an de buididipí
So now you know how they invented these stick-to-mind lyrics. But where did they get their name from?
Easy! Their father had the nickname “El Tomato”. The tomato. And what can you make with tomatoes? Yes, ketchup! So…
Las Ketchup- The Ketchup Song

Song of the day: Taylor Dayne- Tell It To My Heart

Hello there,

A new song of the day! Not a lot of introduction, I will give the word to:

Taylor Dayne with Tell It To My Heart!

Tomorrow another song!

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Song of the day: JXL vs. Elvis Presley- A Little Less Conversation

Yes, here we are again!

A little bit more recent than yesterday, to be precise: 2002.
And the song is with Elvis Presley! Huh? Impossible, isn’t it?
No. It’s a remix, made by the Dutch producer Tom Holkenborg, better known as Junkie XL, or JXL.

The remix was approved by the family of Elvis, and the song is called: A little less conversation.

And to agree with this song, I will hereby stop talking and I will see you tomorrow!