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FlinterFile: Prince- Little Red Corvette


In 1983, Prince released the album 1999. Apart from the title track, this also was a big hit from that album. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Lene Marlin- Sitting Down Here


In 1999, the Norwegian singer Lene Marlin managed to score a hit in different countries. It was the second hit from her debut album. Most of her later work did only reach the hit charts in Norway. This song managed it to place 5 in the UK and the Netherlands. Enjoy

Lene Marlin- Sitting Down Here

Song of the day: Prince & the Revolution- 1999

prince 1999

In 1982, Prince delivered his first international hit single. It came from the album with the same name, 1999. The song was recorded with three members of the Revolution, originally as a harmony, but later it was decided to pull these apart and start each verse with another member. The song itself is made using the riff from Monday Monday (Mamas and the Papas) and the verse melody of Manic Monday (Bangles). The song reached number 2 in the UK and number 12 in the normal US chart, though it was number 1 in the club tracks chart. Enjoy

Prince- 1999

Song of the day: Shaft- (Mucho Mambo) Sway


Today we have to go back a long time to find the roots of the song of the day. We end up in 1953, when a Mexican instrumental song is released. It’s a mambo song, so that makes it sound like the summer. Dean Martin took this song in 1954, which was translated in English for him and it was given the title Sway, which was the translation of the Mexican title. Then the song went on, was covered and remixed, for example by the Pussycat Dolls, Michael Bublé, Cliff Richard and Jennifer Lopez. And that are only a few of them. One version, a remix, became a big hit for Shaft. It would be their biggest hit. And therefore, I would say: enjoy

Shaft- (Mucho Mambo) Sway

Song of the day: Ann Lee- 2 Times

ann lee 2 times

This is the last song of the nineties! But okay, then it has to be dance. Soft dance, we can say. But it makes you happy. And I found out that she only made TWO albums! Why? She’s a great singer, especially in the eurodance! Enjoy

Ann Lee- 2 Times

Song of the day: Miranda- Vamos A La Playa

Hi there,

Some summer feelings today! The song of today is made by a French singer, and it was released in June 1999.
It has the same name as another summer song, which was a hit made by Righeira…

It’s Miranda with Vamos A La Playa!

That brings up the summer, doesn’t it?

Song of the day: Alice Deejay- Back In My Life

Hello there,

Today a big dance hit from the nineties! One of my favourites.
Hint: DJ with as first name the same as the one with the snakes on stage.

A bit too difficult? Here’s the solution:Alice Deejay with Back In My Life.

That’s a nice dance song, isn’t it?