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Song of the day: Joan Osborne- One Of Us

joan osborne one of us

In 1995, Eric Bazilian was in the middle of writing songs for Joan Osborne, together with Rick Chertoff and Joan Osborne herself. However, this song was written by Eric alone, in the middle of the night, in a few minutes. The reason was simple: he wanted to impress a girl, with whom he is now married. When he played a bad demotape of it to Rick Chertoff, he suggested it might be something for the album of Joan Osborne. It was a success, with a number 6 hit in the UK and number 4 in the US. Enjoy

Joan Osborne- One Of Us


Song of the day: Paul Weller- You Do Something To Me


In 1995 recorded Paul Weller his solo single You Do Something To Me. He did this after being singer for The Jam and The Style Council. In fact, he invited the drummer of the Style Council to play on his third studio album, Stanley Road. We also hear him on this song. The song had a number 9 position in the UK and a silver status. Enjoy

Paul Weller- You Do Something To Me

Song of the day: The Bucketheads- The Bomb


Tonight it’s party time! That’s another song, but let’s talk about the nineties house classic, made by the Bucketheads, which actually was one Buckethead, better known as Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez. He made this song, used a sample of the Chicago song Street Player. For the ones who want to know: it’s the lyrics, Street sounds swirling through my mind. I have misunderstood those, because I’m always singing “Beat time rolling through my mind”, which does not make sense, I know. But most songs do not make sense, especially house songs. However, a great song, enjoy

The Bucketheads- The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)

Song of the day: Diana King- Shy Guy

diana king shy guy

A song from a soundtrack today! This song was a song on the Bad Boys soundtrack, and it also appeared on the debute album of Diana King. It was the lead single of the album, and is seen by some as the best song on the section of reggae fusion. It would be Diana Kings only success (depending on how you look at the charts: it certainly was her biggest success), charting in the UK on number 2 and in the US on number 13. In most countries it was in the top 5 of the charts. Enjoy

Diana King- Shy Guy

Song of the day: Jovanotti- L’Ombelico Del Mundo

jovanotti- l'ombelico del mondo

An Italian singer-songwriter, who had his breakthrough in the nineties. This song was one of his biggest hits, it charted in 1995. It especially does good in the summer, because it has the sound of summer in it. His name, Jovanotti, is derived from the plural form of giovanotto, which is giovanotti. The word itself means young man. This man has done almost everything in the musical world, ranging from classical music to funk. This song is one of my favourites. Enjoy

Jovanotti- L’Ombelico Del Mondo

Song of the day: Ini Kamoze- Here Comes The Hotstepper

ini kamoze here comes the hotstepper

Today we will start the musical summer! Two months full of summer hits. In the nineties, the song reached the first place in the US and came to place 4 in the UK. Till now, this is the biggest hit by Ini Kamoze. The song brings together some sort of dance and reggae, making a hot connection. In the song, a lot of samples are used, six in total. However, none of the songs used were really familiar to me. A nice nineties summer song, enjoy

Ini Kamoze- Here Comes The Hotstepper

Song of the day: Therapy?- Diane


I actually am very touched by this song. The violins in the beginning, which keep playing, together with the rest of the song, it is just beautiful. However, when I started searching for other work, I soon stopped it. Originally it’s a hardrock/metal band, which made a touching song: Diane. It’s a cover, the original was made by an artist called Hüsker Dü, although he did not have a hit with it. The text is about the murder on a waitress, called Diane Edwards. For Therapy?, it became a hit in 1995. Listen to

Therapy?- Diane

Song of the day: Zucchero- Il Volo

zucchero il volo

A nineties song in Italian today. And still, I don’t understand a word of it. Volare is flying, I learnt that much with Latin. So this must mean something like The Flight. But the rest of the song… don’t ask me. And apparently, this was not the biggest hit of Zucchero. I think Without a woman, which he did together with Paul Young, was a bigger hit and better known. However, I like this song better. Therefore, a song of the day for

Zucchero- Il Volo

Song of the day: Simply Red- Fairground


What’s better than a record which makes you happy, which has a nice beat to dance to, and a band which is good? I would say nothing. In 1995, Simply Red (where did that name come from…) had a big hit with a song which belongs to their best. Although Stars is very good, too. I can’t choose, but enjoy

Simply Red- Fairground

Song of the day: Nicki French- Total Eclipse Of The Heart


Some more dance today, and it sounds sunny, too.
It is a cover, made in the nineties (1995) by Nicki French. It is a cover of the woman who went to the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK this year, Bonnie Tyler.
The summer song of the day is Total Eclipse Of The Heart!

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