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FlinterFile: Jazzpolitie- Liefdesliedjes

Two members of the band Splitsing decided to record an album together in 1993. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Bruce Springsteen- Streets Of Philadelphia

The movie Philadelphia, about a man dying of AIDS, was released in 1993. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Tower Of Power- Soul With A Capital “S”

soul with a capital s

In 1993, Tower of Power made their come-back. The group, started in 1967, had already had several hits in the seventies. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: The Beloved- Sweet Harmony

the beloved sweet harmony

In 1993, the Beloved scored their biggest hit. The story of the Beloved started in 1983, when Jon Marsh placed an advertisement in which he told he had founded the Beloved. If you wished to join the band, you had to come to a certain place, three years after.  Two people turned up, and later someone else joined. Starting with indie hits, they had their biggest success with dance music, of which Sweet Harmony peaked at number 8 in the UK. Enjoy

The Beloved- Sweet Harmony

Song of the day: Nice Device- Cool Corona


In the nineties, there was a band called Nice Device. I tried to find some information on the band, but all I could find was a band which was active between 2001 and 2010, but this single is really from the nineties! So I think it is not the same band, but furthermore, I don’t know. The song is mostly about a woman who wants her man to be like Elvis Presley (which woman does not want that?), but the man prefers a cool corona. It’s obvious they have different priorities… Enjoy

Nice Device- Cool Corona (Could You Be Like Elvis)

Song of the day: Energy 52- Café Del Mar

Cafe del Mar

Saturday night! Dance night! And today it’s a song from the nineties, 1993 to be precise. The name is derived from a bar on Ibiza, of course with the same name. The song has become a dance classic, instantly recognizable and remixed many, many, many times. None of them have been as good as the original song, that is, in my eyes. Dance to and enjoy

Energy 52- Café Del Mar

Song of the day: Urban Cookie Collective- The Key The Secret

Urban+Cookie+Collective+-+The+Key +The+Secret+-+12'+RECORD_MAXI+SINGLE-246503

Some names stay in your mind forever, since they are so strange… This is the case for the song from 1993. Urban Cookie Collective… The person that made up that name should get a prize, how do you think of that? And I have to say that it’s good dance too.! Dance with a smile, because who isn’t happy when they hear this? Enjoy

Urban Cookie Collective- The Key, The Secret

Song of the day: Jam & Spoon- Right In The Night

jam & spoon

The last song of January, which means we will enter the History Of Music tomorrow! But first this great song from 1993. It was a significant part in the evolution for the trance music, and I don’t think that’s strange. Just listen and enjoy:

Jam & Spoon- Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music)

Song of the day: CB Milton- Send Me An Angel


As promised: the songs of the day which you missed, two in total. Let’s start with the first one, the first nineties-classic after a whole bunch of eighties and seventies. This one came up when I was thinking about nineties and about the CD’s I’ve got with nineties hits. It came to mind, since it’s kind of dance, but not really. And because we never heard of him again (meaning: I didn’t). This one hit was a good song, so for today:

C.B. Milton- Send Me An Angel

Song of the day: The Goodmen- Give It Up


A real nineties dance classic today! And there’s one nice thing which it has in common with Fiesta from the Sunclub.
And yes, if you listen to them, you might say: they are totally different, apart from that they both sound sunny. But what do they have in common? Well, the whistle. And for some reason, this whistle gives an extra dimension to the song. Or at least for me it does. Since I knew Fiesta earlier than this song, I combine the whistle with summer (isn’t this a nice example of Pavlov?) So maybe this is the cause for me to call it a summer hit, although it was a hit in the U.S.A. in November. In Holland, it actually did good in the period before summer, having the highest position in May.


The Good Men- Give It Up

Song of the day: Roots Syndicate- Mockin’ Bird Hill

roots syndicate

Yeah! Roots Syndicate. One of those one day flies, to have one hit and never return again.
It’s even that bad that they only exist on a Dutch Wikipedia-page, since they were Dutch. For a commercial of an insurances compagny they made a song, which was not ment to be released…
However, it was that popular that it was released, and in the Netherlands it went to number one.

No idea if it was known in other countries, and if not, then it’s about time to listen to this song. It was released in 1993, so it’s 20 years after the release that it’s song of the day! Really like the summer!

Roots Syndicate- Mockin’ Bird Hill

And for those interested in the commercial, watch it here. The text appearing in the end is the catchfrase of the compagny: translated it’s Just Call Apeldoorn. Apeldoorn is the place where the insurancescompagny is located.

Song of the day: Shaggy- Oh Carolina!


This song was and still is on my MP3-player. It was one of the first songs to enter my first MP3-player, which I still have, and when playing my music, I kept making the mistake that it was a song of a rock ‘n roll cd. Now I know better.

Oh Carolina was the first single of the debute album by Shaggy. This song was a big hit in 1993, so long after the rock ‘n roll time. But it is a logical mistake. Why?
It’s a cover! The original was recorded and released in 1960, and was made by the Folkes Brothers. And that is in the rock ‘n roll time. But that doesn’t matter, since it was the first hit single, and some others would follow. Do you still remember Boombastic? It Wasn’t Me? or Angel?

(One thing between us (and maybe Shaggy is reading this, too), but I always have the feeling that he is a bit drunk. I know it probably is his voice, but I can’t stop thinking that he drunk some glasses of vodka before recording Boombastic. Totally my interpretation.)

The song of today:

Shaggy- Oh Carolina

Summer Song of the Day #9: Corona- The Rhythm Of The Night


Italian = sun, summer, and in the nineties dance. Because they made a lot of dance music. Good dance music. Like Playahitty from yesterday and Corona of today.
Corona had a few small hits, but the big success was the Summer song of today. The Rhythm Of The Night was released in 1993, and it was their first single.
It still is a good song, and that’s the reason for place 9!

Number 9: Corona- The Rhythm Of The Night

Song of the day: Culture Beat- Mr. Vain


20 years ago, there was a big hit called Mr. Vain. That means 2013-20 = 1993.
And it was (becoming) a hit in these months, so some sort of summer dance! I like this song very much, so enjoy it!
It’s Mr. Vain by Culture Beat!

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